A Brief Story of Mine

Since i was young I’ve had a fascination for drawing and painting. I thoroughly enjoy the process of bringing my colourful thoughts and ideas to life in the form of my art. After graduating the matura in visual arts, i spent a year gathering practical experience at as an intern at a graphic design studio. I now study multimedia production, granting me insights into a wide field of studies, including interactive media, corporate communication, media science and graphic and film animation.

I live in Fläsch, a small village located at the foot of the mountains. In my free time I enjoy doing all kinds of sporty activities in the mountains as it feels very therapeutic. One can forget all their stress and worries there. I also love to take my camera with me, as the beauty of nature is astounding. If you can't find me in the mountains I'm probably sitting at school, playing the guitar or snooping around in some science books.

Now you know quite a lot about me.
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What is Mulitmedia Production about?​

In the Multimedia Production course we are trained as generalists in the media world. To give you a more detailed overview of my skills, you can see all subjects here.


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Fiona Tischhauser
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