Fiona Tischhauser

About Me

Since I was young I had a fascination for drawing and painting. I thoroughly enjoy the process of bringing my colourful thoughts and ideas to life.

After graduating the matura in visual arts, I spent a year gathering practical experience as an intern in a graphic design studio. After that I studied multimedia production, granting me insights into a wide field of studies, including interactive media, corporate communication, media science, graphic design and film.

I grew up in Fläsch, a small village located in the mountains, now I live near Zurich. But still, I enjoy doing all kinds of sporty activities in nature.

In my spare time I do some social work, play the guitar or snoop around in science books.

Multimedia Skills

What did I study in Multimedia Production?
  • Digital Comm. ManagementMajor
  • Project ManagementMinor
  • Make It SoundMinor
  • Experience RealityMinor
  • Advertising CommercialFS
  • 3D Basic CourseFS
  • Media & LawOS
  • Media Business AdministrationOS
  • Market- & Media ResearchOS
  • Interactive MediaOS
  • Media EthicsOS
  • Writing, Media Presence & SpeakingOS
  • Visualize: Graphics, Data Visualization, SketchingOS
  • Cinematic Storytelling & ProductionOS

FS = Free Subject
OS = Obligatory Subject

Working Experience with

Capitano Music GmbH

How it All Started

For 16 months I worked for Capitano Music GmbH, a music management company. It all started during my bachelor time, when Reto Lazzarotto, one of the most important person within the Swiss music industry, mentored me. I wrote the bachelor thesis for Capitano and joined right after the final exams.

The Three Main Learnings

These 1.5 years I learned a lot about management and for the first time I was allowed to carry the responsibility of my field alone.

So my perspective shifted: instead of being as precise and extravagant as possible, everything had to be produced on time and with minimal effort. This was a totally new experience for me, who loves to try out the craziest ideas.

The different communication between musicians, management and other players in the industry was my third big learning.

About My Experience At The First Job After Graduation

16 months where the music plays

My main task was the branding and visual implementation of Capitano. I was involved in the branding of the acts, supported the acts with graphics, behind the scene photos. I edited videos, planed photo-shootings and advised them for social media and live performances. 

Furthermore, I was part of the management team at live performances, such as the Energy Air. 

Proud winners of the Impact Hub Hero Grand Prize

Joya Marleen_Studiodreh_MuteTheHate_2021_@FionaTischhauser kl

Work with the acts

I accompanied many acts, very often Joya Marleen. Here are some excerpts of funny moments with Joya.